Quality Policiy

  • Initial and ongoing customer needs and expectations to ensure the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • To deliver our commitments on time in full,
  • Eliminating waste during production, the thorough work done at a time, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, with the understanding to make the best quality,
  • At every stage to ensure the continuity of quality at all times by providing highly competitive, deliver products sought
  • The continuous development of quality by providing the support and participation of all staff yi, to ensure that

Our company’s goal is to become the industry a reliable company. Undertaken by the task of adhering to the principles of honesty, the main principle is to maintain.Therefore, without compromising our quality work, adhering to the ethics of engineering at the least cost, most reliable, and efficient, we chose to do business looking to ourselves.

Taken by itself, a new reference for all the work that serves as timely delivery, our company will never separated from engineering principles to every point of the work, without compromising the structure in good faith and with integrity walks confidently into the future.


  1. Occupational health and safety is our first priority.
  2. We give importance to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Experienced and participating employees are our most important asset.
  4. All relationships of trust, integrity and business ethics at the forefront.
  5. of reaching perfection, and we get to compete based on continuous improvement and change.
  6. We take care to protect the environment in all our activities and not to waste

The basis of our quality policy, to understand our customers’ expectations, specifications and standards, and to produce the appropriate forms to achieve excellence.

The principles of our quality policy:

  • Targeting excellence,
  • work efficiently and create added value,
  • our work “continuous improvement” to act according to the principle,
  • with all managers and employees to be responsible for the quality,
  • education, skills, and increase quality awareness,
  • compliance with group work, activity, and to encourage creativity,
  • investigate the possibilities of co-operation at every opportunity, creating subcontractors, to carry out studies aimed at continuous improvement and development

Quality goals, reduce customer complaints, again to minimize the rate of repair and maintenance, increasing productivity and reducing costs, and it is the recognition of customers.