About Us

Erdem Construction and Trade Co., Ltd. founded in 19/06/1984 was established in drawing up the construction of a turnkey service, providing a well-established organization.

Since its inception, our company has continued to operate quickly and safely, with a staff of experienced, dynamic and growing every day serving our esteemed clients.

Our company has the best service for our customers, is committed to providing the best prices as soon as possible.

Erdem Construction, contracting and operation of all projects using modern management techniques, using the best quality materials and workmanship timely delivery of projects adopted as company policy. Our mission, our operation fields, working in line with national and international laws and regulations, the employer / customer satisfaction and our success to continue.

The aim of the expanding since the establishment of perspective studies, project development and construction has been committed to providing high quality services. Erdem construction, the work of experienced technical and administrative issues, has a young and dynamic team.

Our group studies for all types of commercial and industrial needs, restoration, restitution, rehabilitation, decoration, recreation and construction, electrical and mechanical installation projects, consultancy and implementation services in a turnkey basis.

Our country is undergoing a process of understanding and will be revealed to the world while integrating the best way to understand and adapt to new trends in cost of manufacturing and understood the vital importance of ensuring that our company has established the existence of this structure from the first day.